Fiscal 2020 Commission for the Promotion of Study Abroad in Oita by International Students

Let's Promote the Highlights of Studying in OITA

by making videos!

What’s New / 新着情報

The application for participation has been closed on December 16th. Thank you very much.


Last update Dec. 17th. 2020

Project Overview / 概 要


This project will be conducted by Oita P refecture for the purpose of attracting more international students who coming to Oita for study abroad In this project, we ask for cooperation and participation from international students who studying in Oita to spread the attractive points of studyin g abroad and life in Oita mainly to the home countries by using social media. We ask international students to create a report a nd video to introduce "the highlights of studying in Oita". After that, post the created video on your SNS (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, etc.)


この事業は「より多くの留学生に大分に来てもらう」ことを目的に大分県が実施します。県内の各学校で学ぶ外国人留学生の皆さんに参加してもらい、大分での留学生活や暮らしの魅力について SNS を使って母国を中心に広く発信してもらいます。留学生の皆様には「大分留学の魅力」を紹介するため、レポートと動画を作成し、 その 動画を自身の SNS Facebook, Instagram, Twitter など)に投稿してもらいます。